Apple Maps fails simple London postcode search

This morning, Apple Maps let me down badly on my way to a meeting. All I needed to do was look up a London postcode and find the nearest tube station. Simple. It’s something I’ve done many times using the Google-powered Maps app on my iPhone. But for Apple Maps (which replaced Google Maps in Apple’s recent iOS 6 update), this simple request was too much to ask.

Thankfully Google Maps came to the rescue (via web browser). Have a look at the screenshots below and witness the Apple Maps shambles.

How it should be – Google Maps clearly showed three named tube stations, with Tottenham Court Road closest to the pin (showing the result of my postcode search). Result.
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Google “More” than “Everything”?

Screenshot of Google search engine with option to search "More" than "Everything"

Google lets you search More than Everything?!

Spotted some intriguing search results on Google. Even though Google promises to let you search “More” than “Everything” (look under the Google logo in the screenshot), it humbly reckons Microsoft’s Bing is the top answer for “search”. How bizarre.  Clicking “More” reveals a set of filters to constrain the search, so I guess rather than “More” they actually mean “Less”.

Oops – I deleted all of Google’s data!

Dear Google,

Sorry if you lost all your data recently, it was my fault.  The Google app on my iPhone had stopped working, so I deleted it in order to reinstall.  Here’s what my iPhone asked me…


I pressed “Delete” and in a flash it was gone, with all your data too presumably.  I must say, you seemed to restore all your data with lightning speed  – because my next Google search worked fine.  Keep up the good work.

Yours sincerely