Domino’s Falling Down

For some time I’ve held Domino’s in high regard for the ease of their online pizza ordering. Fun and functional, I thought. Today I experienced an acute counter example from my attempt to order a pizza on the way home from work.

Step 1 – Start the iPhone app – denied!


Step 2 – Upgrade the app – denied!


Step 3 – Realise they’ve created a new app rather than updating the previous one


Step 4 – Download the new app – denied!


Step 5 – Give up on app and decide to use web browser, only to be told…


Aaaaargh! I persevered and ordered successfully eventually. Would have been far quicker to place my order by phone – but smartphones aren’t really for phoning, are they?! In the end the pizza was ok, but the ordering process for once left a bitter taste in my mouth!

Google “More” than “Everything”?

Screenshot of Google search engine with option to search "More" than "Everything"

Google lets you search More than Everything?!

Spotted some intriguing search results on Google. Even though Google promises to let you search “More” than “Everything” (look under the Google logo in the screenshot), it humbly reckons Microsoft’s Bing is the top answer for “search”. How bizarre.  Clicking “More” reveals a set of filters to constrain the search, so I guess rather than “More” they actually mean “Less”.