The Epoxy Ballad

After an inspiring rendition of The Ballad of Mini Cooper (sung by Peter McAlister), and much talk about the utility of epoxy resin for all manner of boat repairs, I penned The Epoxy Ballad:

From time to time all boats end up needing the odd repair,
for out at sea they do attract a deal of wear & tear.
When bits break, it always seems you’ve not got very long,
to patch them up and get them back to being good & strong.

So, you empty out your toolbox and somehow it is true,
that the best way to do the job will always involve glue.
Yet again you find yourself inexorably headin’,
for those wee magic tubes containing epoxy resin.

In a flash you’re overcome with such wave of pride,
at the thought you’ll make a bond that nought will override.
Just a few more minutes and the ills will be put right,
once you’ve finished dosing out and mixing Araldite.

But careful now, for too much glueing isn’t very clever –
first this bit here, then that bit there – you’ll go on forever.
Your addiction to adhesion will be plain for all to see –
you’ll end up with a boat that’s made entirely of epoxy.

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